The Marathon Foundation aims to promote the athletic spirit and support local athletic institutions.

The Marathon Foundation aspires to support initiatives promoting fair play and education, as well as the physical and developmental benefits of sports for the youth.

Marathon is inherently linked to the internationally renowned Marathon run, a link of ancient and contemporary history. The race of 42,195 meters from Marathon to Athens, gets its name from runner Pheidippides who ran this very same route after the Battle of Marathon to announce the victory of democracy over tyranny.

The connection of Marathon with the sports does not stop there though!

Just a few kilometers from the urban center, Marathon offers a variety of opportunities for excursion in the nature. Behind the dam of Marathon Lake, extends a network of trails ideal for hiking and cycling. The path around the tower of Inoi takes hikers on ancient Greek and Roman times, as they pass by monuments such as the Temple of Pythian Apollo and the Roman baths. The infrastructure of the Olympic rowing and its stunning beaches that are ideal for water sports, constitute a basis for further developing the athletic side of Marathon.