Donation from RehabLine Prosthetics

A top priority for the Marathon Foundation is to encourage active citizenship and participation to the community and tackle social exclusion.

Last Christmas, Ilias Psinakis visited Spyros at his home and offered Christmas gifts from the Marathon Foundation to people facing difficulties to access the Town Hall. Ilias Psinakis, realizing the daily difficulties faced by a disabled person like Spyros, was moved and just a few months later, with the help of Mr. Angelos Chronopoulos and his company Rehabline, donated Spyros the prosthesis he needed.

On behalf of Marathon Foundation, we would like to thank Mr. Angelos Chronopoulos for his prompt response to our ask. It is worth noting that Mr Chronopoulos pledged for further cooperation with Marathon Foundation in order to provide support to more residents of Marathon.