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Facing a period of profound social and humanitarian crisis, in a challenging economic environment, with our moral under threat, I feel, now more than ever, the need to contribute in every way possible to protect the cornerstones of our culture.
Recognizing the growing needs of our most vulnerable people and prompted by Marathon’s historical and cultural background, I take the initiative to launch the Marathon Foundation. The purpose of this effort is to develop the local community, improve the living standards of Marathon citizens and promote our culture, sportsmanship and environmental consciousness.

As a reaction to the crisis our society faces on a daily basis, I envision a Marathon that will be a stronghold for the creation of a genuine community of solidarity, an international hub for culture and sports, a gate that will promote Greece across the world.
Through the Marathon Foundation, I aspire to unite our partners in civil society, foundations, prominent Greek and foreign citizens and of course the residents of the broader region to bring a wave of change.

We change Greece, starting from Marathon!

Ilias Psinakis


The sponsors of Marathon Foundation support the social grocery of Marathon Municipality

The sponsors of Marathon Foundation support the social grocery of Marathon Municipality

On Monday April 25th, during Easter, Marathon Foundation and Ilias Psinakis offered food and water to strengthen the Social Grocery Municipality of Marathon which supports over three hundred residents of Marathon. Our sponsors, The Mart and Erymanthos showed great sensitivity and contributed to this collective effort by offering a really large amount of goods to […]
Donation from RehabLine Prosthetics

Donation from RehabLine Prosthetics

A top priority for the Marathon Foundation is to encourage active citizenship and participation to the community and tackle social exclusion. Last Christmas, Ilias Psinakis visited Spyros at his home and offered Christmas gifts from the Marathon Foundation to people facing difficulties to access the Town Hall. Ilias Psinakis, realizing the daily difficulties faced by […]
Marathon and the Archaeological Museum

Marathon and the Archaeological Museum

Marathon is undoubtedly an area of historical and cultural interest with many museums and archaeological monuments. Between them and the Archaeological Museum of Marathon for which the Public Benefit Foundation John S. Latsis under “the Museums Cycle” program has published the book entitled “Marathon and the Archaeological Museum” which you can read here.     […]
Christmas Gifts from Marathon Foundation

Christmas Gifts from Marathon Foundation

During Christmas, a great initiative took place in Marathon led by Ilias Psinakis and the Marathon Foundation. Gifts and food were distributed to more than 500 people (the majority of which belonging to vulnerable social groups) by volunteers of the Marathon Foundation and Ilias Psinakis at the City Hall in the Municipal District of Nea […]
Concert of Alkistis Protopsaltis Marathon

Concert of Alkistis Protopsaltis Marathon

On Saturday, August 29, Alkistis Protopsalti gave a unique concert at Marathon with free entrance for all. The famous Greek singer accepted with pleasure the invitation of the Mayor of Marathon Psinaki and gave a concert for two whole hours for all those who were there on Saturday night. In concert they attended including representatives […]


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